User-visible changes

  • Added family RCG for ratio of correlated gammas and downstream test, see Weinhold et al. (2016). Closes #86.
  • Removed corrected cross-validation for Cox models (Verweij and van Houwelingen, 1993) as it was not working. Closes #85.
  • Use partykit::ctree instead of party::ctree in btree and blackboost. This is slower but more flexible.
  • Allow multivariate negative gradients. Note that all elements are updated simultaneously, which in most cases is NOT what you want (but in rare cases it is the right thing to do).
  • Allow the specification of either mstop or grid in stabsel.
  • Allow leave-one-out crossvalidation (via type = "kfold").


  • Throw error when data is not compatibel (instead of silently recycling the vector). Fixes #79.
  • Fixed handling of offset for families NBinomial and Hurdle. Closes #88.
  • Replace cBind (now deprecated) with cbind. Fixes #90.
  • Fix predict with zero iterations (names were not correctly assigned). Fixes #87.
  • Fixed labels in plot function for categorical base-learners.


  • Added further tests / checks.
  • Removed unused functions (response) and arguments (bnames from extract.glmboost).
  • Update email address and added ORCIDs.