User-visible changes

  • New maintainer: Benjamin Hofner follows Torsten Hothorn as maintainer.
  • Package party is now imported. mboost no longer directly relies on unexported functions.
  • Allow extrapolation for predictions if kronecker products, tensor products or sums are used. Fixes #23.
  • Development now hosted entirely on github as boost-R/mboost.
  • Started using testthat.


  • Improved checks for newdata: Warnings are no longer issued if data has just different types of numeric values (i.e., integer vs. double). Resolves issue #17.
  • Fixed CITATION by removing duplicated string 'R package version' (spotted by Heidi Seibold).
  • predict: Improve warning when length(offset) > 1. Closes issue #20.
  • Added test coverage using package covr.
  • Better error handling in cvrisk also for parallel processes.
  • Suppress warning of rankMatrix. (Resolves issue #24).
  • Stop exporting internal functions for FDboost. Use mboost_intern() instead. Caution: Do not use this function.


  • Handling of missing values has been improved. Resolves issue #12.
  • Minor bug fixed in vignette mboost_illustrations.Rnw.
  • Throw an error if model cannot be fitted. Fixes issue #18.
  • Fixed bug in bkronecker with dense matrices. Resolves issue #30.