User-visible changes

  • Added confint function to compute (bootstrap) confidence intervals together with plot and print methods
  • stabsel() now depends on the new package stabs where the back end and methods such as plot and print are implemented
  • Improved plot method for varying coefficients (ylim now suitable) and base-learners of factor variables.
  • Tweaked update function: we now can turn the trace on and off, and specify the type of risk as well as the oobweight to update()


  • Updated vignette mboost_tutorial to reflect latest changes in mboost.
  • Changed plain text NEWS to inst/NEWS.Rd
  • Removed links to archived package mfp.
  • Explicitly specify the packages for functions that are implemented in packages that are listed as Suggests:, e.g we now use party::ctree_control etc.


  • glmboost()$model.frame() was broken
  • glmboost()$update() was broken
  • predict() for models with non-scalar offsets was broken