User-visible changes

  • stabsel was recoded and now uses different terminology, much more options and a better tested code base
  • new replacement function mstop<- as an alternative to [i] (suggested by Achim Zeileis).
  • bmono * new and faster algorithm to compute monotonic P-splines (type = "quad.prog") * new constraints added for positive and negative spline estimates
  • bbs * allows monotone T-splines (experimental) * new argument deriv to bbs for computing derivatives of B-splines
  • bmrf can now also handle neighborhood matrices as an argument to bnd
  • added new families Hurdle and Multinomial
  • boost_control: added new argument stopintern for internal stopping (based on oobag data) during fitting
  • All data sets have been moved to the new package set


  • added new argument which to variable.names()
  • added new method risk to extract risks
  • brandom now checks that a factor is given
  • speed improvements when updating a model via mod[mstop]
  • changed \dontrun to \donttest
  • updated references


  • fixed a problem with extract() of single base-learners
  • fixed bug in AIC.mboost: df = "actset" can only be used with glmboost models
  • fixed package start up messages
  • fixed a problem in mboost_fit (when names of base-learners were missing)